with each extraction


Makina Pro1

Designed in Amsterdam
made in Milan

Powerful, retro design, professional features and provided with the most important functions you need to brew a perfect espresso. Our main goal is to provide our coffee lovers with the best espresso machine we could ever think of. The MAKINA S7 Pro-Pid is built with high-quality components and is hand made in Italy.

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The right choice

The range of the traditional espresso machines is quite big. Rotation pump or a vibration pump? PID control or a pressure switch? Heat exchanger or a double boiler or even a single boiler? Does the boiler capacity matter?
Fixed water connection or only water tank? Do I need a shot timer? Does the material of the components matter?

We know exactly what you need as well as what you don’t need to experience the pleasure of a real espresso at home. After all, we are more than happy to answer any questions to explain to you why the MAKINA S7 PRO-PID can be your perfect choice.

Makina Pro1

What makes the difference

The most powerful, compact, exceptional retro design and fits into any kitchen. Our espresso machine is uniquely designed and different from other manufacturers because we refused to make any compromises in creating this master piece.

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Rotary pump Quiet and stable 9 bar pressure
Heat exchanger system Simultaneously make coffee and froth milk
PID control Full temperature control
Shot timer Perfection with each extraction
Switchable Tank / direct water connection
Power 1800W Powerful & stable
3L boiler Insulated real copper

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